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University Conference Hall in Kazakhstan

Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute Conference Hall January 2023

Location: Kostanay, Kazakhstan.


Date: January 2023.


Application Scenario: University Conference Hall


Distributor: Stepline, LLB is an industry leading AV Distribution and Integration Company headquartered in Almaty, Kazakhstan, delivering quality products and excellent services since 2012. (Check out their website at: )

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Market Segment: Education


This project focused on the deployment of modern audiovisual technologies at the Kostanay Pedagogical College in Kazakhstan. The college has introduced cutting-edge AV equipment to enhance the educational experience for its students and faculty members.


One of the key components of the project is the installation of PTZ cameras in the college's conference hall. The Angekis Technology Blade 4K is equipped with 4K video, a wide angle lens, and can be controlled remotely, making it ideal for capturing lectures, events, and meetings.


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The use of PTZ cameras in educational settings is becoming increasingly common, as they offer a number of benefits over traditional fixed cameras. For example, PTZ cameras can be positioned and zoomed in on specific areas of the room, allowing for a more dynamic and engaging viewing experience. Additionally, PTZ cameras can be used to follow the speaker or presenters, ensuring that they are always in frame and in focus.

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Overall, the implementation of PTZ cameras at the Kostanay Pedagogical College is part of a larger effort to modernize the college's AV infrastructure and provide students and faculty with access to the latest technologies. By investing in advanced AV equipment, the college is able to offer a more immersive and engaging educational experience, which will have a positive impact on student learning outcomes. Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute made the right choice when they hired Stepline.


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Product: Blade 4K 

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