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The Angekis Story: 10 Years On ...

    Way back in 2011, our team helped pioneer one of the first PTZ video conferencing cameras to hit the market. Since then our team has continued to pave the way advancing technology in this industry, integrating and perfecting advanced features such as autofocus, automatic exposure, automatic white balance, and more into UVC and associated devices. In 2015, we decided to spin off and start our own brand: Angekis.


    Angekis was born with the goal of delivering the highest-quality USB PTZ cameras on the market. From this starting point, the USB 3.0 Saber was created and soon became Angekis' flagship model, winning global awards including ISE Best In Show 2016. Due to its high-end design, crystal clear image quality, and competitive price, the original Saber, and the series of cameras that evolved from it, have been a stunning success.


    The next chapter introduced the Blade USB 2.0 PTZ, an economical sister to the Saber series that offers Full HD quality video and simpler connectivity at a more accessible price. Angekis has subsequently rolled out a range of cameras with wide angle lenses, auto-tracking technology, IP capabilities, the Cleartalk series of speakerphones, and much more.


    Whatever the application, whatever the environment, Angekis has the audio and video equipment you need. You can trust Angekis to transform any room with four walls into a sleek, modern and efficient work, meeting, and performance space. For inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Why partner with Angekis?

Region-exclusive agreements provide a secure investment. Enjoy full market control, price stability, and own the brand in your home market.


We only ship the highest quality products and take care to protect and promote our brand.


We have a proven track record of quality, reliability,and profitability. You can be part of it.


We promise exceptional after-sales service. We are always on hand to help you!


Our partners enjoy excellent margins and low overhead costs.


We give our partners the flexibility they need to properly serve their home markets.


With the full confidence of a 3-year manufacturer's warranty, you can rest easy.

What makes Angekis different?

Technology: The Saber Auto Pilot uses revolutionary hardware and software that is lightyears ahead of any other auto-tracking system. Only from Angekis.

Smart Choices: From materials engineering to firmware programming to QA, our team of experts makes the right choices to make our products stand out.

Unique Features: From Accelafocus to AUCTOPUS, our unique value added features can't be beat.

Price: If you went anywhere else you'd be paying twice as much for the performance Angekis products can provide.

Innovation: Angekis brings out new products every year.

Track Record: Our team has decades of experience in electronics design and manufacturing.