Saber 4K+ NDI®

Features and scenarios

  • 4K @ 60fps

    The Saber 4K+ NDI runs 4K video at 60 frames per second over HDMI and IP Connections (NDI®|HX). Additionally, the USB output can now run 4K video at 30fps (Up from 1080p). Enjoy Ultra High Definition, Ultra Fast, and Ultra Smooth Video.

  • 80.5° HFOV

    A significant upgrade from the original Saber 4K NDI, the Saber 4K+ NDI increases its Field of View to 80.5°.

  • Connectivity

    With Line in Audio, USB-C, and new simultaneous output options, the Saber 4K+ NDI comes stock with everything you need to integrate seamlessly into your video production setup. Add in new OSD Menu options for granular control.

  • 12x Optical + 4x Digital Zoom

    12x Optical + 4x Digital zoom gets you up close and personal. Even in the largest conference rooms, the Saber 4K+ NDI®'s zoom features will give you the power to see everything with smooth motion, accuracy, and precision. With both manual and auto focus options at your fingertips, your video conferencing equipment will be as detail oriented as your team.

  • IP Live Streaming & NDI®|HX

    Show the world! Designed specifically for IP livestreaming and internet connectivity, the Saber 4K+ NDI® is the ultimate machine for broadcasting over YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, or anywhere else your audience may be. The on-board NDI®|HX high efficiency streaming protocol gives you the tools you need to take your production to the next level. The camera comes with native NDI®|HX with no additional licensing necessary. (Note: NDI® is a registered trademark of Vizrt Group.)

Saber 4K+ NDI®-0
Saber 4K+ NDI®-0
Saber 4K+ NDI®-0
Saber 4K+ NDI®-0
Saber 4K+ NDI®-0
Saber 4K+ NDI®
  • Model
  • Saber 4K+ NDI (ANG2-12UHD-01N)
  • Video Formats
  • HDMI (v2.0): 3840*2160P60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25; 1920*1080P60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98; 1920*1080160/59.94/50: 1280*720P60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
    3G-SDI: 1920*1080P 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98; 1920*1080i 60/59.94/50; 1280*720P 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25
    NV12: 1920*1080P5: 1280*720P15; 1024*576P25; 800*448P30
    YUYV: 1920*1080P5: 1280*720P15; 1024*576P25; 800*448P30
    MJPG: 3840*2160P30: 1920*1080P60; 1280*720P60; 1024*576P60: 800*448P60
    H264/H265: 3840 2160P30: 1920*1080P60: 1280*720P60: 1024*576P60: 800*448P60
    IP (NDI|HX): Main: 3840*2160P15-60; 1920*1080P15-60; 1280*720P15-60; 1024*576P15-60 Sub:720*480P15-60;640*480P15-60;640*360P15-60
  • Supported Protocol
  • TCP/IP, HTTP, RTSP, DHCP, RTMP, Onvif (2.4), NDI (H|X), SRT, Visca over IP (TCP & UDP), HTML5, VISCA, Pelco P, Pelco D, SRT Compatible
  • Control Port
  • RS232, RS485 (Serial VISCA, Pelco-P/D), RJ45 (VISCA over IP), USB-C (Compatible with USB3.0 (UVC1.5) & USB2.0 (UVC1.1))
  • Video Interface
  • HDMI (V2.0), SDI, NDI|HX, USB-C
  • Sensor
  • 1/2.8 inch 8.42MP CMOS sensor
  • Zoom
  • f 3.4~40.3mm (12X), F1.8- 3.6 View Angle: 80.5°(Far)-7.6°(Near)
  • Video Encoding
  • NV12, YUYV, MJPG, H264/H265, IP (NDI|HX, SRT)
  • Rotation Angle
  • Pan: -170° ~ +170°;      Tilt: -30° ~ +90° 
  • Rotation Speed
  • Pan: 0°~120°/s ;         Tilt: 0°~80°/s
  • Presets
  • Remote controller: 10; RS232: 128; Accuracy: 0.1° 
  • Net Weight
  • 1.47 KG
  • Dimensions
  • 220mm × 190mm × 173mm
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