Cleartalk Wireless ASP-04

Features and scenarios

  • 2.4G Wireless Communication

    Wireless functionality at warp speed. Get the most out of your conferencing software with 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity provided by the included USB dongle.

  • High Tech Audio

    360 degree coverage, a 3 meter pickup range, 256ms echo cancellation, and dynamic noise reduction audio processing technology make the Cleartalk ASP-04 a high tech powerhouse of audio communication.

  • Smart Design

    Between the convenient charging dock, up to ten hours of battery life, and simple plug and play connectivity, the Cleartalk ASP-04 offers a smart and intuitive speakerphone system. For normal operation you can use the charging dock as a base station, and then when you need to get up and go you can take full advantage of the device's wireless capabilities.

  • Personal Privacy

    The 3.5mm audio output jack allows for private communication, as well as a broader range of audio output options.

Cleartalk Wireless ASP-04-0
Cleartalk Wireless ASP-04-0
Cleartalk Wireless ASP-04-0
Cleartalk Wireless ASP-04-0
Cleartalk Wireless ASP-04
  • Model
  • ASP-04
  • Architecture
  • Main device contains the speakers, microphone, and audio processing functions.
    Built-in lithium battery (7-10h)
    2.4G wireless USB adapter
    Charging dock base station
    1.5m USB power line
    USB charging plug
  • Size
  • 155mm*148mm*37mm
  • Weight
  • 340g (single speakerphone)
  • Color
  • Black
  • Network interface
  • USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1)
    3.5mm audio output jack
  • Microphone
  • Omnidirectional cardioid microphone 20-8000Hz
  • Loudspeaker
  • 3.94-inch anti-magnetic speaker
  • Power
  • USB supply (DC 5V / 500mA)
    Built-in lithium battery
  • Recommended conditions
  • Operating emperature:5° to 44°
    Humidity:20~85% condensation-free
    Noise level:<48db
    · Storage temperature:-10° to 55°
    Reverberation time: <0.5 seconds
  • Audio
  • Digital audio processing
    256ms echo cancellation
    · Dynamic noise reduction
    Full duplex communication
    360 degree by 3 meter pick-up range
  • System Compatibility
  • Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10/Windows XP, etc. ; Mac 10.7 and above
  • Functionality
  • Supports a full range of computer software audio, including: Skype, Teams, Zoom, etc.
    Microphone mute
    · Loudspeaker mute
    Volume up/down
    2.4G wireless connection
    Enable earphone
  • Certification
  • Product execution standard
  • YD/T 993-1998
    GB/T 9254-2008
    GB 4843.1-2011
  • Indicator LED
  • Triangle indicator on: working
    · left indicator on: speaker mute
    · right indicator on: MIC mute
    · left indicator flashing: volume adjusting
    · right indicator in orange: full charge
  • Warranty
  • 3 year warranty
    1 year battery guarantee
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