Ceiling Mic QS ASP-C-04

Features and scenarios

  • The 3rd Generation of Auctopus audio processing algorithm

    24 bit/ 48KHz sampling frequency High performance A/D, D/A Adapter Adaptive echo cancellation Adaptive noise suppression Adaptive speech gain adjustment Smart mixing

  • HD voice pickup range mic

    Phantom power supply, high noise reduction, wide frequency response, sound balance, high fidelity, 10 meters pickup radius.

  • Compatible with common audio and video software

    Support common education and conference SaaS software platform, such as: Skype for business, ZOOM etc.

  • Efficient layout

    Support mainstream education host, recorder host, recorder interactive host, input and output independent volume control know.

  • Support wireless voice to local amplification

    U segment full frequency

Ceiling Mic QS ASP-C-04-0
Ceiling Mic QS ASP-C-04-0
Ceiling Mic QS ASP-C-04-0
Ceiling Mic QS ASP-C-04-0
Ceiling Mic QS ASP-C-04-0
Ceiling Mic QS ASP-C-04
  • Model
  • ASP-C-04
  • Component
  • Digital audio processor
    DSP processing bus structure
    USB Type-B connection
    7 road 3.81mm phoenix interface
    Supports wireless microphone, mixer, acoustics, echo cancellation, recording and listening
    Input and output single adjustment knob
    Suspended spherical microphones x 2
  • Color
  • Matte black
  • Interface
  • USB Type-B interface
    3.5mm audio monitoring jack.
    DC power interface
    7 road 3.81mm phoenix interface
  • Power supply
  • Power adapter
    Input: 100-240v, 0.5A, 50/60Hz.
    Output: DC 12V,2A.
    Phantom power supply - + 48 VDC
  • Computer system requirements
  • Windows 8 /Windows 7 /Windows 10 /Windows XP and newer, Mac OSX
  • Suspended spherical microphone
  • Pick up radius: 10m Max.
    Sensor: capacitance pole of Φ25 pole type
    Circuit characteristics: JFET impedance transformation
    Electronic balance Polar Pattern: Uni- Directional ( Cardioid ) Polar Pattern
    Frequency response: 50hz-20khz.
    Sensitivity : -47 plus or minus 3dB. (2.2 K Ω drain test 1.5 V) Rated output impedance: 2.2 K Ω Minimum load impedance: 1000 Ω
    · SNR: 75dB.
    Highest pressure level: 115dB.
    Maximum output level: 1.6dBV (1.2V)
    Output connector: mini xlr-3 male.
    Cable: double stranded MIC cable.
  • Audio processor
  • Frequency response (20hz-20khz @+4dBu)
    Microphone channel: +0/ -2db.
    Line input channel: +0/-0.5dB. THD + N
    Microphone channel: < 0.009%.
    Line input channel: < 0.007%.
    Equivalent noise: < -84dbu.
    Dynamic range: > 105dB.
    Maximum input level.
    Microphone channel: -2dbu.
    Line input channel: 20dBu.
    Maximum output level (balance) : 20dBu.
    Maximum gain
    Microphone channel: 50dB.
    Line input channel: 0dB.
    Input impedance
    The microphone channels: 330 Ω
    Line input channels: 20 k Ω Output impedance: 400 Ω
    A/D-D/A converter: 24bit
    Green: power on
  • Audio features
  • Adaptive echo cancellation
    Adaptive noise suppression
    Intelligent remix
  • Certification
  • CE; FCC
  • Warranty
  • 3 years warranty
    1 year battery guarantee
  • Recommended onditions
  • Temperature: 20°-70°
    Humidity: 20-90% condensation free
    Noise level: < 48db
    Storage temperature: 20°- 70°
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