Ceiling Mic Pro ASP-C-01

Features and scenarios

  • HD Voice Area Microphones

    With 360 degree coverage, a range of up to 10 meters, and high definition voice fidelity, you can count on Angekis ceiling microphones to deliver excellent audio in big spaces.

  • High Tech Audio

    The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) central unit houses advanced audio processing technology, offers excellent connectivity, and places all essential controls at your fingertips. It’s elegant, simple, and conveniently sized.

  • Advanced Audio Control

    For advanced audio controls and output options, the DSP central unit supports 6 road 3.81mm phoenix based MIX and AEC inputs, as well as Speaker, REC and AEC outputs. Additional ports include a USB Type-B control port that plugs right into just about any Windows or Mac OSX machine. Plug it in, fire up your favorite audio and video editing software, and get down to business.

  • Auctopus Audio Processing

    The DSP uses Auctopus smart audio mixing technology to keep your audio clean and clear. Third generation adaptive echo cancellation, adaptive noise suppression, and adaptive gain adjustment all in one seamless package.

  • Everything Included

    The Ceiling Mic Pro ASP-C-01 comes with: • Digital Signal Processor Unit • Voice Area Ceiling Mics x 2 • Microphone Cables x 2 • Speaker Cable x 1 • AEC Cable x 2 • USB Data Cable (Type-B to Type-A) x 1 • DC Power Adapter x 1

Ceiling Mic Pro ASP-C-01-0
Ceiling Mic Pro ASP-C-01-0
Ceiling Mic Pro ASP-C-01-0
Ceiling Mic Pro ASP-C-01-0
Ceiling Mic Pro ASP-C-01-0
Ceiling Mic Pro ASP-C-01
  • Model
  • ASP-C-01
  • Component
  • Digital audio processor
    DSP processing bus structure
    USB Type-B connection
    6 road 3.81mm phoenix interface
    Supports wireless microphone, mixer, acoustics, echo cancellation, recording and listening
    Input and output single adjustment knob
    Suspended spherical microphones x 2
  • Color
  • Matte black
  • Interface
  • USB Type-B interface
    3.5mm audio monitoring jack.
    DC power interface
    6 road 3.81mm phoenix interface
  • Power supply
  • Power adapter
    Input: 100-240v, 0.5A, 50/60Hz.
    Output: DC 12V,2A.
    Phantom power supply - + 48 VDC
  • Computer system requirements
  • Windows 8 /Windows 7 /Windows 10 /Windows XP and newer, Mac OSX
  • Suspended spherical microphone
  • Pick up radius: 10m Max.
    Sensor: capacitance pole of Φ25 pole type
    Circuit characteristics: JFET impedance transformation
    Electronic balance Polar Pattern: Uni- Directional ( Cardioid ) Polar Pattern
    Frequency response: 50hz-20khz.
    Sensitivity : -47 plus or minus 3dB. (1.5 K Ω drain test 1.5 V) Rated output impedance: 2.2 K Ω Minimum load impedance: 1000 Ω
    · SNR: 75dB.
    Highest pressure level: 115dB.
    Maximum output level: 1.6dBV (1.2V)
    Output connector: mini xlr-3 male.
    Cable: double stranded MIC cable.
  • Product execution standard
  • YD/T 993-1998
    GB/T 9254-2008
    GB 4843.1-2011
  • Audio processor
  • Frequency response (20hz-20khz @+4dBu)
    Microphone channel: +0/ -2db.
    Line input channel: +0/-0.5dB. THD + N
    Microphone channel: < 0.009%.
    Line input channel: < 0.007%.
    Equivalent noise: < -84dbu.
    Dynamic range: > 105dB.
    Maximum input level.
    Microphone channel: -2dbu.
    Line input channel: 20dBu.
    Maximum output level (balance) : 20dBu.
    Maximum gain
    Microphone channel: 50dB.
    Line input channel: 0dB.
    Input impedance
    The microphone channels: 330 Ω
    Line input channels: 20 k Ω Output impedance: 400 Ω
    A/D-D/A converter: 24bit
    Green: power on
  • Audio features
  • Adaptive echo cancellation
    Adaptive noise suppression
    Intelligent remix
  • Certification
  • CE; FCC; CCC
  • Warranty
  • 3 years warranty
    1 year battery guarantee
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