Features and scenarios
  • Anti-Magnetic Design

    Wooden Digital active speaker, Mellow mid-range and strong bass. High quality piano paint, no yellowing for a long time.

  • Wireless Portable Microphone

    Stable communication and smooth communication. Clear sound quality, no noise and no harshness.

  • Full-Duplex

    Voice processing technology 3606 high coverage Smart pickup 384ms echo cancellation. Full-duplex call technology Dynamic noise reduction.

  • Support Handheld Microphone

    The connection is stable and continuous, so that the sound can easily cover the venue, plug and play, convenient and fast.

  • Wireless Charging

    While using traditional wired charging, a single omnidirectional microphone also supports wireless charging function, two charging methods are selected, which is more convenient to use.

Cleartalk DC 4 units ASP-04D-4S
  • Model
  • ASP-04D-4S
  • Architecture
  • ·Tabletop audio console integrated with audio processing function, audio control terminal, USB function control, 2.4 G wireless connection function and indicator light
    ·wireless omnidirectional microphone (from machine)
    ·ANT 2.4 G antenna
    · built-in lithium battery - 24 hours duration time
    ·B-type interface USB cable
    ·USB charging line, USB charging plug
    ·active speakers (optional)
    ·6.5 mm audio cable (audio interface line can be selected according to demand)
  • Size
  • ·236*118*40mm(master)
    ·155*148*34mm(per B-device)
  • Weight
  • ·Master: 607g
    ·Omnidirectional microphone:285g
    ·Package: 3138g
  • Audio
  • ·Digital audio processing
    ·256ms echo cancellation
    ·Dynamic noise reduction
    ·full duplex
    ·360 degree pick-up range - Up to 3m pickup range
  • Computer system
  • · Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 10/Windows XP.,ect.
  • Function
  • ·Support computer software audio -Skype, ZOOM, Teamviewer ect.
    ·microphone mute
    ·loudspeaker mute
    ·volume up/down
    ·2.4G wireless connection(20m)
  • Power
  • ·Master power adapter
    -input: 100-240V,0.5A,50/60Hz
    -output: DC 5V,2A
    ·Omnidirectional microphone power adapter
    -Built-in lithium battery
    -input: 100-240V,0.5A,50/60Hz
    -output: DC 5V,1A
  • Certification
  • Product execution standard
  • ·YD/T 993-1998
    ·GB/T 9254-2008
    ·GB 4843.1-2011
  • 2.4G USB adapter
  • ·2.4 G RF and data processing
    ·folding SMA antenna
  • Keypad
  • ·Microphone mute key
    ·loudspeaker mute key
    ·volume up/down keys
    ·standby key
  • Master Indicator LED
  • ·Yellow indicator blink: wait to connect omnidirectional microphone
    ·yellow indicator : successful connect to omnidirectional microphone
    ·red light blink slowly: speaker mute Omnidirectional microphone LED
    ·orange indicator : speaker mute
    · orange and blue indicator blink alternately and slowly: low power
    · lower left indicator blink: adjust volume
  • Recommended conditions
  • ·Temperature:5°~44°
    ·humidity:20~85% condensation free
    ·noise level:<48db
    ·storage temperature:-10°~55°
  • Warranty
  • ·1 year return or change for free
    ·3 years for product guarantee
    ·1 year for battery guarantee
  • Color
  • ·Black
  • Interface
  • ·B type USB interface
    ·6.5mm audio interface(out)
    ·DC power interface
    ·ANT 2.4G interface
  • Wireless omnidirectional Microphone
  • ·Cardioid microphones 0-8000Hz
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