Case Studies

UK Church Web Conference

Location: United Kingdom

Date: July 2021

Application Scenario: Web Conference in a Church Hall

Saber Plus9.png

Angekis products also make a great foundation for companies looking to rent out A/V equipment. 

This church in the Highlands hired AV Department Ltd to set up a web conference, allowing people from all over the world to attend their service. Using 3 Angekis Saber Plus cameras to cover a variety of angles, as well as 10 microphones, they caught the whole event in high definition. Hosting an event? A hybrid set up with both in person and online options offers unparalleled access - and Angekis can make it possible.

Each of the camera was connected to a vMIX PC and AV Department used this software to produce and stream the content to YouTube, control the motion and focus of each camera, and switch the microphones on and off - all in real time.


Product Details:

Saber Plus: The Saber Plus was designed with professional video production in mind. Advanced integration capabilities, including RS232 In/Out ports allow you to control up to 7 cameras simultaneously.

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