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Hotel Room Livestream Concert

Location: United Kingdom

Date: Jul. 2021

Application Scenario: Hotel Room Livestream Concert


Angekis products make a great foundation for companies looking to rent out professional A/V equipment.

Our friends in the UK over at AV Department Ltd, produced a livestreaming gig for the bathers at the Woodside Hotel in Aberdour!

Using a Angekis Technology Saber IP20X cameras, as well as the wide angle lens of the Saber F, they set up an incredible production. With our cameras and our partner vMix's software, they were able to rapidly switch between views of each band member, each instrument, and the whole group - as well as point, tilt, zoom and refocus each camera in real time!

Add in a few professional studio microphones and you've got one special production!


Product Details:

Saber IP 20X

Show the world! Designed specifically for IP livestreaming and internet connectivity, the Saber IP20X is the ultimate machine for broadcasting over YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, or anywhere else your audience may be.

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