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City Council Chamber in the Netherlands

Case Study: City Council Chamber in the Netherlands


Location: Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, NL.


Date: July 2022.


Application Scenario: City Council Chamber.


Distributor: Heuff BV ( )

Integrator: Officious AV ( )

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Market Segment: Public Sector


Summary: Good governance requires transparency, accessibility, and public input. When Covid-19 hit the world in March 2020, the town of Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht realized that they needed to upgrade their audio video and teleconferencing technologies to maintain their City Council’s responsiveness while simultaneously protecting public health.


They invited tenders to realize this need, and Officious AudioVisual won the contract. The City Council Chamber is now wired up with a ring of 8 Angekis Saber IP20X livestreaming cameras (supplied through Heuff BV) and other technologies to enable effective, participatory hybrid meetings. The cameras have been integrated into a system that automatically focuses the video feed onto the current speaker.


["I have experienced the implementation of this project by Officious as pleasant. My contacts were and are always available and act quickly and pleasantly. Officious thought through every issue and adequately solved 'teething problems' associated with a new project. I am so satisfied with the end result that I want to give everyone a demo!", said Clerk Gert Logt.] (Translated from Dutch)


Product: This installation utilizes the Angekis Saber IP20X. With its straightforward design, excellent zoom capabilities, and range of integration options, it makes meetings easy to livestream and record. Find out more:



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