Sports Therapy Suit

Location:United Kingdom

Date: Apr. 2021

Application Scenario: Sports Therapy Suit

Saber 4K 1.png

To facilitate the observation of students injured in the campus sports therapy suit, Loughborough University has installed our Saber series of cameras in the campus sports therapy suit. This enables real-time monitoring and interactive functions to make medical care more efficient and accessible.

 Just like a small hospital, it can release more medical resources and ensure that the dynamic situation of the sports therapy suit can be observed in time, which is a very innovative measure

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Product Details:

Saber Series - 12 x Optical + 2 x Digital zoom gets you up close and personal.Even in a large room this lossless zoom will get right into the details, with smooth motion and accurate precision, with both manual and auto focus options at your fingertips.

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