Police Treatment Centre

Location:United Kingdom

Date: Aug. 2021

Application Scenario: Police Treatment Centre

one touch(缩).png

The new all-in-one conferencing cameras have been installed at the Police Treatment Centre in Harrogate, as well as being replicated in Castlebrae, Scotland, and are currently being utilised for high-quality video conferencing between the centres


Product Details:

One Touch -  Seemless. It's a word we want to hear when discussing the A/V setup for huddle rooms and now we have the solutions that fit.

Boasting a 4x advanced beamforming mic array that focuses the audio pick up directly from the speaker to block out background noises. Further combined with dynamic noise reduction, 360-degree pickup and full-duplex two way chatting, suddenly you have an all in one A/V bar that just works with one touch camera.

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