Date:Apr. 2021

Application Scenario:Middle Classroom

Saber IP 20X 6.png

Angekis Technology Saber IP 20X camera has been installed for hybrid learning at Utrecht University,allowing students at home to participate in lessons via Teams. Which makes the learning and teaching more convenient and easy, it is beyond the limitation of place also space. Hybrid learning is an very efficient teaching way,it can face both the students at home but also those sitting in the classroom,and all of these splendid teaching are recorded by our splendid product:Saber IP 20X.

Saber IP 20X 7.png

Product Details:

Saber IP 20X - Advanced integration capabilities are built into the Saber Plus, including an RS-232 port in and out allowing you to control up to 6 cameras simultaneously. Advertise to the world via IP live streaming connecting to the latest broadcasting platforms including facebook live, youtube live and more, all at the touch of a button

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