Video Conferencing is Popular for Its High Efficiency


Video Conferencing is Popular for Its High Efficiency

The necessary condition for corporate profitability is to improve corporate efficiency. The high efficiency of the Internet makes them have higher requirements for communication. Video conferencing has gradually shown a rising attitude and has become an important way in enterprise development. Next, let Angekis Technology Co., Limited unveil the video conferencing for everyone.

Video conferencing system is also called video conference. Groups of two or more different places, through the existing transmission media, distribute the static and dynamic figures, voice, text, pictures and other data of the characters to each user's terminal, so that scattered users can communicate with each other through graphics, sound and other means. It exchanges information through graphics, sound and other visits. It also supports people to exchange information and share information in a long distance and carry out cooperative work application system.

With the maturity of video and audio conferencing system technology, video conferencing integrating audio, graphics, images, text, data sharing, and document circulation has enabled more and more people to enjoy online office, telemedicine, remote communication, and remote collaboration, remote training and other new working modes.

Video conferencing can be divided into software video conferencing system and hardware video conferencing system. Software video conferencing is a video communication method based on the PC architecture, with CPU processing video and audio coding as well as decoding as the main work. Cheap is its biggest feature. Moreover, it has good openness, convenient software integration and poor stability.

The hardware video conferencing is based on the video communication method of the embedded architecture, relying on DSP + embedded software to realize the video and audio processing, network communication and various conferencing functions. Good performance and good reliability are its biggest features. Hardware video conferencing is used for most of the high-end video applications, including board room camera, auto tracking conference camera, daisy chain speakerphone, one touch video conferencing camera, large room conference camera, etc.

The video conference system transmits multimedia data, which is different from ordinary data. Due to the large data volume of the source signals of sound and moving images, they cannot be transmitted on digital lines under normal conditions. At the same time, the actual effect also requires that the sound and image signals transmitted by the user should be continuous and smooth, and the function can be used simply. Therefore, in order to achieve the effect, the system puts forward high requirements on technology in terms of sound and image compression.

The popularization and development of video conferencing have gone through the process from analog to digital, from point-to-point to multipoint-to-multipoint, from wired to wireless, and from single function to comprehensive functions.

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