Video Conferencing Security is Becoming More and More Important


Video Conferencing Security is Becoming More and More Important

Now people can see the body posture and facial expressions of participants at the other end of the screen through video conferences, so as to better understand their thoughts. With the rapid growth of remote work and global collaboration, the demand for conferencing room video camera and conference table speakerphone is also increasing. Recent research shows that more than 75% of employers want to use video conferencing as a way of meeting services, and another 3/4 of employers said they need this type of service, since their offices are located in different regions and countries. To meet the demands, Angekis has innovated daisy chain speakerphone, one touch camera which includes video conference camera for large room, classroom, office use and more. 

Fortunately, today's office video conferencing equipment has become smarter and easier to install, making it possible for enterprises of all sizes to use it. However, as digital technology plays an increasingly important role in corporate communication, online privacy has also become more and more important to companies. The conference room should be a place where everyone can talk freely and exchange ideas. No company wants hackers to secretly access web conference cameras without permission. Especially for high-level discussions, network security is even more concerned.

To ensure that the camera doesn't see anything when it's turned off, some conference room systems use privacy mode with the camera lens straight down. It is refreshing to see the lift-up lens of the meeting. With a single click, the lens only pops up when the video is started, otherwise it will be hidden inside the body, which perfectly protects the privacy of the meeting room.

All in all, there are many video conferencing products on the market to choose from. However, which one to choose depends on the company's specific needs.

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