Video Conferencing Breaks the Limitation of Practice Areas


Video Conferencing Breaks the Limitation of Practice Areas

With the continuous maturity and application of cloud computing, the field of video conferencing will be able to achieve unimaginable human needs, allowing participants who are not in the same place and the same space to enjoy the convenience that can surpass space and time, and conduct face-to-face communication and communication. Communication and transaction processing, a more intelligent and rational customer video conferencing application experience may be in the near future.

1. Video conferencing can be started anywhere

As a brand-new video conferencing mode, remote video conferencing can break the limitations of the practice area. As long as it can be connected to the Internet, the conference can be started. It can also be customized according to user needs and can be expanded at any time. Moreover, the quality is stable and reliable. Angekis can provide customers with HD video conferencing solutions.

2. Advantages of the mobile terminal of video conferencing

The access of the mobile terminal of the video conference system allows the conference system to not only meet in the conference room, but also employees on business trips can access the conference room through mobile terminals such as mobile phones or tablets of different systems that they carry with them, and conduct audio, video and data intersection with the main conference venue. Even in the case of extremely bad network environment, people on business trips can also access meetings through ordinary telephones, truly realizing that meetings are not absent anytime, anywhere.

3. The video conferencing can be started at any time

Participate anytime, anywhere. Through your own smart phone and tablet, you can instantly connect to the mobile network signal and quickly enter the cloud conference platform. No matter where you are at this time, multi-channel audio and video chat, group discussion, live broadcast, progress recording, etc. are not restricted,  so participating in the meeting is super convenient.

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