Trends in Software Video Conferencing


Trends in Software Video Conferencing

When video conferencing first entered the market, its price remained high due to many reasons such as large investment in technology research and development, harsh application conditions, poor compatibility, and high software and hardware requirements. Even today, the price of tens of thousands of dollars per port for video conferencing is not affordable by ordinary enterprises. Therefore, video conferencing is unattainable in most people's minds. Many companies have an urgent need for video conferencing, but they have no choice but to hold back because they do not have sufficient funds. But some of the video conferencing platforms provided are free. Different from some video conferencing products that are free for trial under the slogan of free, it is a "forever free" remote teleconference platform. Companies can enjoy the convenience of remote meetings without spending a penny. The world's first ever free video conferencing system service has brought the threshold of video conferencing to the lowest point in history, and for the first time enables enterprises to realize the dream of "zero-cost video conferencing". It will play a powerful role in promoting the rapid growth of small and medium enterprises.

1. Webpage

Web-based software video conferencing based on WEB technology greatly reduces the threshold of video conferencing. It is compatible with almost all browsers, no additional downloads and installations of any plug-ins are required, which greatly improves security. At the same time, due to the use of leading cloud computing technology, the speed and stability of information transmission have been greatly improved.

2. Era of cloud computing

The fundamental concept of cloud computing is to provide users with the computing power, storage space, software functions, and information services required by the network, so that the user terminal can be simplified into a simple input and output device, and can enjoy the powerful computing of the "cloud" on demand Processing power. The product design, product architecture, technology research and development, and server architecture are based on this concept, which is why the software video conferencing system has extremely low requirements for client equipment, but it is very convenient to use. Video conferences are carried out through software video conferences. Data transmission, processing, and storage are all handled by the manufacturer's cloud server. Users no longer need to purchase expensive hardware and install cumbersome software. They only need to open a browser and log in to the corresponding interface. Efficient video conferencing. Compared with the existing network video conference, it has more obvious advantages in convenience, speed and ease of use. This indicates that software video conferencing has brought everyone into the cloud computing era of network video conferencing.

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