Tips for Buying Conference Cameras


Tips for Buying Conference Cameras

The construction of modern enterprises requires more stringent on-site recording of conferences, so many enterprises have started to buy conference cameras. However, electronic products can be easily replaced, so when choosing and buying an HD conference camera, you need to refer to relevant information and learn more about the following three factors before making a decision.


Factor 1: Image quality


When using conference cams, the quality of the picture is the most intuitive feeling of users and the basic assessment criteria of high definition. Therefore, image quality is one of the important performance indicators of any video camera for video conferencing. If the camera can not provide high-quality video pictures, then it is meaningless to discuss other factors and features.


Factor 2: Product integration and software support for back-end applications


Users should fully consider whether the conference camera they buy is in a closed system, so that they have little choice of back-end applications, or even only video management software is available. It should be known that good compatibility and scalability have become the basic elements of the video communication system.


Factor 3: The image sensor


The image sensor is one of the most important parts of a camera. From the perspective of scanning mode, there are two image sensors in the market: interlaced scanning image sensor and progressive scanning image sensor.

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