The Way of Attending the Meeting in the Age of Network Video Conferencing


The Way of Attending the Meeting in the Age of Network Video Conferencing

Ⅰ. The application of video conferencing

With the development and progress of society, the ways of meeting have become more diversified, and the number has also increased. Especially in enterprises, meetings have become the norm: meetings with leaders, cross-department meetings, meetings with customers, meetings with partners, and meeting locations have become more diverse.

Meanwhile, the drawbacks of traditional offline meetings have begun to emerge. It is difficult to organize the conference, and the cost of the conference has increased. The geographical restrictions, and various unexpected conditions like frequent extreme weather have caused frequent traffic delays and the fact that participants cannot attend the conference on time.

For this reason, the company's demand for meetings has undergone earth-shaking changes: First, it must be cost-saving. Secondly, it must be easy to organize and solve cross-regional communication problems. Besides, it is best to still be able to have "face-to-face" meetings. At this time, video conferencing came into being. With it, regardless of high temperature, heavy rain, haze, or endless flight delays, even on the other side of the earth, you can communicate and collaborate "face to face" anytime, anywhere.

The rise of online video conferencing has provided companies with new development ideas. Major government agencies and group companies are all trying to replace offline meetings with online video conferencing, and online video conferencing, whether it is small room video conferencing or large room video conferencing, has also begun to be widely used in all walks of life, including telemedicine, distance education, and distance training. 

Ⅱ. What are the benefits of online video conferencing system for enterprises?

1. Enterprises with offices and branches in other places will meet different problems, including difficulties in effectively communicating information between headquarters and branches, unsynchronized work, and untimely response of each branch. The application of video conferencing can not only deliver information effectively but also help you work together to improve the operational efficiency of the enterprise.

2. Companies that need to hold regular internal training are more paying attention to the fields of finance, insurance, direct sales, logistics and more. Because the company's employees are too scattered and comprehensive capabilities are uneven, training employees can improve the company's overall business capabilities. The remote audio and video presentation and interactive whiteboard in the multimedia video conference can help them solve the training problems, and audio video conference system really plays a vital role.

3. Long-distance education for enterprises, which provides distance education services, is the best way to share high-quality educational resources. What's more, setting up distance education can also allow the enrollment scope of training institutions to radiate across the country and even the world. The remote training service supported by the video conferencing system not only has good effects in audio and video interaction but also can share documents in various formats.

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