The Main Use of Video Conferencing System


The Main Use of Video Conferencing System

The application range of video conferencing system is very wide. It can be applied to various aspects such as network video conferencing, collaborative office, online training, telemedicine, and remote education. Moreover, it can be widely used in government, military, enterprise, IT, telecommunications, electric power, education, medical treatment, securities, finance, manufacturing and other fields.

The video conference system mainly has the following four applications:

1. Business-type video conferencing system: Business-type video conferencing system requirements are relatively simple, mainly serving some business activities. This type of video conferencing system requires high cost performance, and general video conferencing terminals can meet business needs.

2. Video conferencing system in special environments: In order to meet the needs of special groups such as production scheduling and military command, the video conferencing system is not only different from the teaching type, but also different from the conference type. It not only has the complex needs of the teaching system, but also has a grand scene of the conference system.

3. Teaching-type video conference system: Teaching-type video conference is to meet the teaching requirements of teachers, so that teachers can carry out teaching activities conveniently and freely as if they are in front of the podiums. The needs of the teaching process are the most complicated. It has to face teachers of various subjects and different teaching habits of teachers. It provides a stage for teachers to give lectures and provides convenient interactive functions for students and teachers, facilitating communication with teachers as face-to-face.

4. Conference-type two-way video conference system: The conference-type two-way video conference system is mainly aimed at government and industry administrative meetings. It is characterized by a large scene and a relatively simple meeting content.

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