The Differences between Video Conferencing Cameras and Network Monitoring Cameras


The Differences between Video Conferencing Cameras and Network Monitoring Cameras

Video conferencing camera is a crucial part of the video conferencing system. Video conferencing cameras are mainly used in enterprise office, enterprise training, video conferencing, network communication, telemedicine, remote consultation, remote teaching and other aspects. Video conferencing can greatly improve the communication quality and work efficiency of employees. While network monitoring cameras are generally used for security monitoring to monitor the situation of the site. Thus it can be seen that the application environment of the two kinds of cameras is very different.


The overall configuration and image effect of video conferencing cameras are much higher than network monitoring cameras. The interfaces equipped in video conferencing cameras are all HD interfaces with high quality image effect, such as HDMI interface, HD-SDI interface, Ypbpr interface and DVI interface, which you can call it a HD video conferencing cameras or HDMI video conference camera. The network monitoring cameras are generally equipped with a network interface to transmit images and data, so there are essential differences between the two kinds of cameras.


In addition, there is a significant difference in the usage mode. Video conference cameras are directly connected to the HD display or the video conferencing terminals to obtain high quality images through the HD interface, while network monitoring cameras need to be connected to the network first through the router by a reticle, and then users can watch the camera monitoring pictures through the monitoring software.


There is also a big difference in price between video conference cams and network monitoring cameras. Since video conferencing cameras are highly professional, they are also relatively expensive in price, generally costing thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan, while ordinary network monitoring cameras are usually only a few hundred yuan.


This is a brief introduction to the differences between video conferencing cameras and network monitoring cameras. I hope it will be helpful and offer you a general idea of the two products. 

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