The Development and Use of Video Conferencing Have Become the Standard for Enterprise Collaboration


The Development and Use of Video Conferencing Have Become the Standard for Enterprise Collaboration

1. Video conferencing is developing rapidly

Cloud video conferencing has prompted the popularization of video conferencing, and it has also promoted the popularization of scene-based video communications. The Covid pandemic has changed the way people live and work, and many contactless services have appeared, such as distance education, telemedicine, video interviews, etc. Many of these services require real-time audio and video technology. So, the demand for high-definition and low-latency real-time audio and video services is growing rapidly.

In terms of business operations, time and location are no longer issues during the recruitment process for branches in multiple places. There is no need for candidates to go to the headquarters for an interview and the interview situation can be easily inspected in the branch. Especially in the product design, engineering scheme, statistical report analysis and other functions, design drawings and business reports are the focus in the meeting, and data transmission and sharing functions sometimes even more important video functions. The picture sharing function of the video conferencing system can easily fulfill these requirements.

The development of video conferencing and live streaming is basically the same. The popularity of web video conferencing solutions will promote the penetration of real-time audio and video technology into various industry segments. Real-time audio and video technology will be combined with industry application scenarios to form scenario-based communication solutions that will empower the digital transformation of the industry. Therefore, the real-time audio and video service market will develop rapidly due to the Covid pandemic.

2. Requirements for video conferencing

Firstly, the product must be stable and easy to use. Voice and video must be smooth and without a stuck and blurred screen, and it can maintain a stable and consistent user experience in a weak network environment. In this condition, high-definition, ultra-high-definition, and 4k can be pursued. Core basic skills have to be achieved before innovation and 4K. No matter how good the advertisements are, a stable and consistent user experience is always more important.

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