The Development Prospect of Video Conferencing Industry


The Development Prospect of Video Conferencing Industry

1. The development trend of video conferencing

At present, the size of the video conference market is showing a trend of rapid growth year by year. Since the video conference system entered China in the 1990s, it has been developing all the way. Coupled with the integration of the three networks and the further development of high-definition technology, video conferencing has ushered in another period of high-profile development. 

The video conferencing is developed from traditional video conferences to Internet-based USB video conference systems. Since the analog signal era, video conferencing has begun to appear, synchronized with information transmission technology, and has experienced a development process from limited to infinite.

Driven by the needs of government agencies, public utilities in the fields of healthcare, education, finance, and enterprises, the video conference market has shown a steady growth trend, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%.

2. The application of video conferencing

At present, video conferencing has been widely used in enterprise system office, online training, telemedicine, telemedicine and other aspects. Market demand is the driving force for product development and innovation, and meticulous and precise mobile conferences are the development characteristics of the industry. With the acceleration of the digitalization of key industries such as the military, energy, government, and communications, the demand for informatization has also increased. Information security has become the focus of attention when purchasing products for key enterprises.

As the core application field of remote communication, the demand for video conferencing software is also increasing day by day. Therefore, there is no basis to say that the software video conferencing industry has no prospects. In this promising market, Angekis Technology Co., Limited will continue to move forward and develop the safest and most stable video conferencing system.

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