The Advantages of Video Conferencing System


The Advantages of Video Conferencing System

With the development of communication technology, video conferencing system has become one of the indispensable tools for many enterprises or individuals in their daily work. Compared with the traditional hotel business conference or teleconference mode, the current video conferencing system has huge cost and efficiency advantages in business negotiation, academic communication, product demonstration, guest meeting and other daily business activities.

Video conferencing brings huge advantages to customers in the following 5 enterprise application scenarios


1. Telecommuting: Telecommuting provides a foundation for employees to work at home. The productivity of enterprises and the morale of staff are improved, at the same time, the operation cost of enterprises is saved by reducing the amount of time employees spend on transportation.

2. Access to remote experts: The function of accessing to remote experts enables employees and customers to communicate with experts face to face across geographic boundaries, which not only saves money and reduces carbon emissions, but also improves users' satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Global conference: Whether the conference is held with the board of directors or global working groups, all participants just need to go to the conference room and can communicate with other participants face to face through the global conference service. Participants don't have to fly long distances to get together for the conference, and there is no carbon emissions from the global conference service.

4. Customer concise guidance center: conference room audio video equipment system enables customers and employees to communicate in real time without incurring unnecessarily high travel costs, facilitates quick decisions and instant communication between the two sides and prevents the adverse impact of travels on the environment.

5. Research and development: Through professional video conferencing equipment, designers and researchers around the world can have face-to-face discussions online on architectural design and modification, thus accelerating the development of the event and avoiding carbon emissions.

Angekis is so proud to present all in one video conference system for large, medium and small huddle room video conferencing solutions, which is designed to be easier to use for setting up a video conference room. 

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