Several Major Development Trends of Software Video Conference


Several Major Development Trends of Software Video Conference

According to recent predictions of famous international communication research institutions, the growth of global software video conference will reach 144% in the future. It can be seen that software video conference system will be a major development trend. Looking forward to the future, software video conference needs to be further developed in the following aspects to maximize customer needs.

1. Software video conference technology should improve video quality

The software video conference mainly relies on the calculation ability of the computer. At the same time, it uses the adaptability of various network environments and minimizing network bandwidth occupation as the leading idea. Therefore, the quality of the video image is often sacrificed to ensure the fluency of the video image, which results in the image quality is worse than that of the video conference hardware. However, high-end customers often set up private intranets with abundant network bandwidth resources and relatively high requirements for audio and video quality. In the future, video images should be designed differentiated according to the different network environments, and video quality should be greatly improved to meet the needs of high-end customers.

2. Software video conference should improve and expand data functions

Abundant data function is a major feature of the software video conference system. However, in terms of document sharing, most products are still uploaded documents to the server, which can not achieve real-time document sharing. Therefore, vector imaging technology will become the development direction. The technology can zoom in or zoom out text or images according to user needs, and the text or graphics are clear without deformation. In addition, the file capacity and resource consumption are small. Also, it has a fast sharing speed. Moreover, the functions of instant messaging need to be gradually closer to mature chat software.

3. Software video conference should simplify meeting management

The current software video conference operators need special training to master the conference management functions. However, most meeting managers are not computer professionals. Therefore, the conference management function should be more user-friendly, simpler operation and easy to master.

In short, software video conferencing products bring users a beautiful landscape. With the continuous improvement and progress of technology, it will become the mainstream product in the video conferencing market.

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