Self-built Safety of Software Video Conferencing is Higher


Self-built Safety of Software Video Conferencing is Higher

1. Advantages of software video conferencing

With the continuous development of the market economy, remote video conferencing has a very good application in all walks of life, especially software video conferencing systems are favored by small and medium-sized enterprises. The flexibility of software video conferencing, as long as you have a mobile phone and a network, you can enter the meeting.

2. The difference between software video conferencing and instant personal communication software

However, most corporate customers will have certain misunderstandings in the selection and function of software video conferencing and some popular instant messaging software on the market now. What is the difference between the software video conferencing system and the instant personal communication software on the market? 

First, the professionalism of system functions: instant messaging software is only developed for individuals, and users are almost all for individuals, but video conferencing software is professionally developed for remote meetings, and the main functions are also designed for users in actual meeting applications.

Secondly, the resource occupancy is small: the software in the instant messaging is mainly used for personal communication, and it is not very good in the compression and encoding and decoding of audio and video. When the number of people online at the same time reaches a certain number or the network is not good, it cannot be used, and video conferencing software is well designed in audio and video compression and codec to ensure smooth audio in low network or even in the case of packet loss.

The third is the security guarantee of data information: the software in the timely communication is entirely on the server of the development company. All the data has been fully monitored by the developer for audio, video and text communication. Large room video conferencing systems customers can choose to build their own services according to their needs. The server backend manages its own system, which provides absolute protection to the company's data.  

The fourth is to realize the dual-stream synchronization intercommunication of audio, video and data: the software in instant messaging is mostly timely communication, and it does not have the function of dual-stream synchronization of audio and video data. The video conference system can realize the interactive function of the data under the premise of achieving multi-party audio and video intercommunication.

In short, instant messaging software is more of a personalized application for individuals. There is no good guarantee in terms of function or data information security. However, the construction of video conferencing system software depends entirely on the internal enterprise. In this way, one is to ensure the security of the enterprise's data and information, and the other is that the entire system can be managed freely.

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