What is NDI|HX3 ?


As livestreaming cameras are able to produce increasingly high quality images at higher and higher framerates, we start to run into a familiar problem: how do we get this video to the viewer? The internet is the most convenient medium, but the actual process of running video through the source video camera, peripheral equipment, video conferencing software, and over internet protocol to the other end (and with it, its own routers, peripherals, software, and view screens) is littered with potential bottlenecks.


In 2015, NewTek launched its NDI (Network Device Interface) low-latency internet protocol to help alleviate these problems. The protocol helps stabilize livestreaming video, reduce latency, and ensure the transmission of reliable, high quality video. Since then, we’ve seen constant improvement to the NDI protocol through NDI|HX, NDI|HX2, and now NDI|HX3 - a new protocol upgrade which promises the most powerful bandwidth reductions to date.


Angekis Technology is here to solve the hardware end of your livestreaming video needs. The Angekis PTZ livestreaming camera range includes the Saber 4K NDI and the Saber IP20X NDI, both of which currently utilize the NDI|HX protocol. These PTZ cameras  can output multiple simultaneous livestreams you can count on - without overloading your bandwidth or ruining your latency.


“The diverse ways in which NDI partners and users apply the standard, integrating it into countless workflows, products and projects never cease to amaze us. To keep up with the demand from the market in leveraging NDI technology, and to enable limitless content creation for any user, our team is committed to consistent innovation to push the boundaries of moving video. NDI®|HX3 is a shining example of that commitment as it strikes the perfect balance of quality and efficiency with zero compromises to set a new standard in visual storytelling,” says NDI’s President, Michael Namatinia.

Why is this important for Angekis customers? You'll see soon enough...

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