How to Choose Suitable Video Conference Cameras


How to Choose Suitable Video Conference Cameras

Do we have to choose all HD video conferencing cameras or Full HD cameras when purchasing video conferencing systems? The answer is no. It doesn't mean that the higher the definition is, the better the cameras are, so we should purchase suitable cameras according to the needs of the video conferencing system project. If our video conference system is on the public network environment, with a low terminal bandwidth, HD cameras or Full HD cameras are chosen for transmission in this situation, the video conference cameras will not be able to give full play to the HD advantage. Under these circumstances, SD video conference cameras may be a better choice. Therefore, in the choice of video conference cameras, we should not only consider the acquisition resolution, but also combine the needs of the project to select the most suitable product video conference cameras.

The Control Protocol for video conference cameras

Video conferencing cameras can be connected with the COM interface of PC to control the camera through the Control Protocol, such as controlling the rotation and focus of the camera. The Control Protocol usually includes Visca Protocol and Peclo Protocol, and both protocols are supported by general video conferencing cameras, so we should as well pay attention to whether both protocols can be supported when choosing video conferencing cameras.

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