Five Golden Principles for Purchasing Video Conferencing Systems


Five Golden Principles for Purchasing Video Conferencing Systems

With the development of communication technology and video conferencing system technology, people's demand for video conferencing systems is also increasing. Faced with the dazzling number of video conferencing system products on the market, what principles should corporate purchasers follow in the process of purchasing video conferencing systems? From the initial design of the procurement plan to the overall plan's cost-effectiveness, usability, easy expansion and later compatibility, there are roughly five principles for reference.

1. Choose the right business scope of video conference system

When choosing a video conference system solution, you must not only consider the advantages and disadvantages of the solution, but more importantly, carefully consider the business scope, performance-price ratio, operation and maintenance cost, networking flexibility, management, etc., to build and manage your own video conference system, such as large room video conferencing systems.

2. Pay attention to practicality of video conference system

The purpose of video conferencing system construction is to develop applications. Don't blindly regard the use of video conferencing as a face project or image project, but consider the frequency of use and the efficiency of equipment use after it is built. The focus should be on the use of video conferencing systems. Business that can be carried out. In the application of the whole network, a number of large-scale integrated services should be developed to realize multiple functions in one network, so as to effectively solve the problems of single network service and low utilization efficiency.

3. Consider product cost performance of video conference system

To build a video conferencing system, the video conference system price must be considered. In practice, video conferencing systems often have the problem of not only high construction costs, but also the difficulty of reducing operation and maintenance costs. At the beginning of the system construction, there must be better psychological preparation.

4. Multiple methods and channels to choose video conferencing

With the development of technology, video conferencing system solutions can be selected in flexible and diverse ways. For example, a combination of satellite communication, computer communication, and ground data transmission can be used to effectively solve the channel bottleneck effect caused by ground transmission and avoid; At the same time, the combination of mobile communication and fixed communication can be used to effectively realize high-definition image transmission, voice communication, and data transmission between fixed stations and mobile stations; or you can choose a professional video conferencing system provider to tailor it to suit for your own video conferencing program.

5. Considerations for video conference system maintenance

Management issues are issues worthy of attention after the system is built. Whether a system has vitality requires a relatively good operation and management mechanism. At the same time, a group of high-quality technical personnel and trusted manufacturers are required to manage and maintain the system. In addition, it is necessary to establish a necessary assessment mechanism to monitor the use of the system to promote the application of the system.

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