Basic Functions of Video Conferencing Equipment


Basic Functions of Video Conferencing Equipment

1. Video conferencing equipment

Video conferencing equipment is a multimedia communication technology, which allows people in different places to achieve "real-time, visual and interactive" through a certain transmission medium. Video conferencing equipment can distribute static and dynamic images, voice, text, pictures and other character information to each user's terminal equipment through the existing various electrical communication transmission media, so that geographically dispersed users can gather in together. In order to improve the ability of both parties to understand content, video conferencing equipment can exchange information through graphics, sound and other methods, making people feel that they are participating in a meeting in the same place.

2. Basic functions of video conferencing equipment

In addition to using modern office video conferencing equipment for audio and video conferencing, video conferencing equipment can also implement some multimedia functions:

(1) Data file sharing

For example, in government applications, when government offices, meetings and public safety, prosecutors and legal departments handle cases remotely, participants need to discuss a lot of documents. In a traditional video conference, a file projector is used to share files between participants through images.

(2) Remote training 

Collaboration within the enterprise needs to discuss product design, engineering scheme, statistical report analysis and other functions. Design drawings and business reports are the focus of discussion at the meeting. The importance of data transmission and sharing functions sometimes even exceeds that of video functions.

(3) The advantages of multimedia video communication are fully utilized in distance teaching. The video communication solution for distance education supports such functions as courseware sharing, interactive question and answer, course storage and on-demand playback.

(4) In telemedicine applications, the multimedia video system of the open platform can interface with medical equipment to realize the sharing of various medical data.

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