Angekis Cloud Video Conferencing is with You Anytime and Anywhere


Angekis Cloud Video Conferencing is with You Anytime and Anywhere

The development of video conferencing is from hardware video conferencing to software video conferencing and current cloud video conferencing. It even achieves the popularization of some personal communication-level cloud conferencing. The application of video conferencing is from the original government agencies and enterprise groups to current small and medium-sized enterprises and individual users. The development of the market and wider application of the new era have put forward higher requirements for audio and video conferencing.

(1) Angekis cloud video conferencing system can easily achieve the remote video communication mode, which can eliminate the time and space difference. It can achieve remote communication anytime and anywhere, and get rid of the intricate traditional conference mode.

(2) Angekis cloud video conferencing can achieve the synchronous real-time transmission of audio and video by accessing the network such as broadband and LAN. It can achieve efficient remote audio and video communication, and greatly reduce the cost of enterprise communication.

(3) Angekis cloud video conferencing can optimize the enterprise management mode, speed up the information transmission. So, enterprises can quickly make decisions and execute. It can also reduce communication costs and save costs for internal training, recruitment, and meetings.

(4) In addition to broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure, Angekis cloud video conferencing system can also improve the overall operational efficiency of the enterprise and reduce expenses such as travel expenses and communication expenses. It can create a low-carbon office and companies do not suffer from the impact of rising oil prices.

In the early stage of the development of video conferencing, due to limiting factors such as processing capacity and bandwidth, the quality of the video was not good. However, in today’s cloud computing era, video conferencing can already offer a real conference experience. Angekis video conferencing uses the most advanced video coding to communicate in HD video in real-time. Both parties in the communication can clearly see and feel each other's facial expressions, just like face-to-face communication.

Angekis adheres to the core values of "integrity, innovation, concentration, and win-win". The company is customer-oriented and constantly improves customer service capabilities. With technology as the core, Angekis will become a famous brand with international competitiveness!

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