Saber AP

Features and scenarios

  • AutoPilot

    Utterly unrivaled auto-tracking technology. The Saber AP (AutoPilot) unlocks the full potential of your Saber series Angekis camera, giving it auto-tracking capabilities that are lightyears beyond anything the competition has to offer.

  • Unique Technology

    Only Angekis offers the AutoPilot’s incredible performance. Using a proprietary algorithm, the AutoPilot uses advanced motion-tracking, optical shape, and facial recognition to accurately and smoothly follow the presenter.

  • Intel® Inside

    The specialized Intel® NUC mini PC hardware that runs the Saber AutoPilot is a state-of-the-art machine optimized for our auto-tracking software.

  • Plug and Play

    The Saber AP is ready to plug into almost any camera in the Saber series, using a USB 3.0 connection for image processing, an RS232/USB 3.0 adapter to allow the Saber AP NUC to control the camera, and then an HDMI port to output video. All necessary cables are included.

Saber AP-0
Saber AP-0
Saber AP-0
Saber AP-0
Saber AP
  • Mount
  • Wall mount included.
  • Plug and Play
  • The Saber AP comes with all necessary cables and adapters.
  • Intel® NUC mini PC
  • Intel Core i3
    4GB RAM
    SSD hard drive
    Windows 10 Professional
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Feel secure knowing your investment is covered well and truly beyond the industry standard. Thats how confident we are that you will love our products and that they will last!
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